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The Board of Directors of AWAK resolved to constitute a Training Committee with the following Terms of Reference.

 Objective: To assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the training and capacity building of our members and other stakeholders.


  1. The Board shall, by resolution, appoint members of the committee. The Board shall appoint a chairman from among the members of the committee.
  2. The committee members shall appoint a vice chairman when it convenes the first meeting to assist the chairman
  3. The secretary to the committee will be drawn from the secretariat with responsibility for documenting the deliberations & decisions reached at each meeting.
  4. Each committee member will be both independent and financially literate.

4.Secretarial and Meetings

  1. Reasonable notice of meetings and an agenda of the business to be conducted shall be circulated to the members of the committee by the secretary
  2. The secretary of the Committee shall be a member of the secretariat.
  3. Meetings shall be held not less than five times a year.
  4. Any member of the committee may request a meeting at any time if they consider it necessary.
  5. One third of members present shall constitute a quorum.
  6. Committee members shall be entitled to attend meetings of the committee provided.
  7. Minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the Committee shall be kept properly and preserved.


The functions of the Committee shall include but not limited to the following:

  1. The committee will determine the training needs of the members through a survey and needs assessment on annual basis covering the public sector, private sector and a blend of both above. Members’ needs shall be profiled where possible and gaps identified.
  2. Meeting with the stakeholders to validate the training recommendations, the proposed training calendar and event planning for the coming year.
  3. Content of the training schedule will be referred to the Board for approval on an annual basis , taking care to keep training cost affordable to members;
  4. Training programmes will cover among others;


  1. The committee is authorised by the Board to train within its terms of reference.
  2. The committee is authorised by the board to obtain, at the expense of the AWAK independent professional advice and to arrange for the attendance at meetings of outside parties with relevant experience and expertise if it considers this necessary for the training.

7.Review of the Committee

  1. The Committee shall undertake an annual self-review of its objectives and responsibilities.

8.Reporting Procedures

  1. The Committee shall maintain direct lines of communication with the Board, and the Secretariat exclusively to the task of training and capacity building.
  2. The minutes of all Committee meetings shall be circulated to Members,
  3. The achievements of the Committee shall be presented at the Board meeting when appropriate and prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Chairman shall present an annual report to the Board summarizing the Committee’s activities during the year and any related significant results and findings.

9.Cessation of Membership

Membership to the Committee shall cease to exist by;

  1. Resignation by the member giving the committee one months’ notice ad handing over any activities the member has been involved in
  2. Failure to attend three consecutive meetings unless a waiver is obtained from the Chairman. The waiver will be provided after the meeting considers the support the member is providing to the Committee remotely
  3. Member is not in good standing


  1. The Committee may deal with any other matter referred to it by the Board.

These terms of reference shall be subjected to review by the Board.