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Qualifications for the Needy Child Sponsorship Programme

Applicants for the scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Kenyan Citizen
  • Must have sat for the KCPE in the previous year.
  • Must obtain 70% of KCPE marks
  • Be an orphan or from a family suffering extreme poverty and provide evidence.
  • Be of good discipline
  • Be admitted in a public secondary school
  • Demonstrate strong motivation to pursue secondary education
  • Never have received any other scholarship
  • Have a recommendation from letter from previous primary school Head teacher
  • Have a recommendation letter from area chief affirming financial need for education
  • Priority is given to students from public primary schools
Duration of Sponsorship

In aggregate the sponsorship lasts for a period of four years(4) from the year of the award or / and until the beneficiary ceases to be a student in a public secondary school. Poor performance and / or indiscipline by the student is sufficient grounds for the foundation to discontinue the scholarship.

How to Apply

Application forms are available free of charge at AWAK offices .They are also available at the ICPAK reception desk. Applications shall be filled in and submitted together with the attachments as stipulated above.

"Hi am very fine and o.k very pleased to meet great people who lit an everlasting candle in my life and once again brought hope in my hopeless family. Though having the basic needs is a problem but I thank God whenever I hear your voice you bring happiness and joy in my face. May the Lord bless you even more."
Lilian Awity

Needy Child Foundation Beneficiary