Membership Benefits

  1. Jobs and internships
    Offer jobs and internships listing sourced from members and other organizations.
  2. Professional growth and development - Advocate for the profession among women and notify members about how to prepare for any change in policies.
    Also provide a strong support base to any member vying for any position that requires the support of other professionals (e.g. To be in the ICPAK council)
  3. Networking- Members get an opportunity to mix and mingle with others in accounting field through both professional and leisure settings.
  4. Mentorship and support - Members get the opportunity to know and interact with people who have succeeded in the accounting field and learn how they made it. This provides motivation and inspiration.
  5. Knowledge - Our conferences, seminars, workshops and professional forums keep you informed and inspired.
  6. AWAK is an avenue of pouring out dreams/aspirations and receiving encouragement in both professional and gender sensitive circles.

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