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The AWAK scholarship scheme is an educational fund set up by the Foundation to assist bright but needy secondary school students in the public secondary schools in Kenya. It has to date assisted more than 4 Kenyan students pursue secondary school education.

How AWAK is funding the foundation

AWAK Foundation is in the process of setting up an endowment fund to ensure sustainability of the programme where scholarship funds from the Members and grants from well wishers will be channeled.

What the scholarship covers

The scholarship covers tuition and other statutory payments for the four years of secondary education.

Scholarship Selection Background
  •  AWAK shall invite applications, select and award scholarships to bright and needy Kenyan students joining or already in form one (1) in any public secondary school in Kenya every year.
  • The number of beneficiaries shall vary every year depending on the financial ability of AWAK.
  • The Foundation where necessary shall from time to time and on availability of funds award bursaries to needy and bright students who meet the initial selection criteria.
  • According to the AWAK’s Strategic Plan, there will be 5 beneficiaries per calendar year.
  • Five percent of the annual scholarships allocation shall be reserved for students with disabilities and from marginalized and minority groups as per the Kenya constitution, 2010.
 Selection Process

Notices inviting applications for the scholarships shall be sent out through appropriate media channels as per the set criteria as stipulated below.

 Criteria for Selection
  • Be a Kenyan citizen.
  • Must have sat for KCPE in the previous year
  • Must obtain 70%of KCPE marks
  • Be an orphan or from a family suffering extreme poverty
  • Be of good discipline
  • Be admitted in a public secondary school
  •  Demonstrate strong motivation to pursue secondary education.
  •  Never have received any other scholarship
  •  Have a recommendation letter from previous Primary school Head teacher
  • Have a recommendation letter from area chief affirming financial need for education.
  • Evidence of being an orphan or suffering from extreme poverty where applicable.
  • Priority is given to applicants from public primary schools
Duration of the sponsorship

On aggregate the scholarship lasts for a period of four (4) years from the year of the award or until the beneficiary ceases to be a student in a public secondary school. Poor performance and/or indiscipline by the student is sufficient grounds for the Foundation to discontinue the scholarship

How to Apply
  • Application forms are available free of charge at AWAK Offices.  They are also available at the reception desk at ICPAK.
  • You can also click here to download the form
  • Applications shall be filled in and submitted together with attachments as stipulated.
Application Deadline

Candidates are required to submit their application to AWAK offices in before 4.00p.m. Friday, 15th December 2017.